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Cervical Rotation Pattern Assisted Motor Control Progression

Does your patient have limited and/or painful cervical rotation actively that changes significantly when measured passively? If so, they most likely do not need manual intervention.

Try the below progression
  • start the patient in supine
  • make sure their neck/head is not in extension
  • give them enough banding to make it feel like a challenge, but not so much that they are unable to speak or have to hold their breath
  • after the band loads the posterior upper quarter chain or scapula stabilizers, have them re-check rotation to see if the motion/pain improves
  • if so, have them repeat the now threat free pattern, with banding assist for a few minutes
  • progress from
    • supine
    • tall kneeling (or half kneeling for unilateral rotation - rot toward elevated arm in cross pattern)
    • standing

Thanks to Dr. David Tilley from The Hybrid Perspective for allowing me to video him!

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