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Top 5 Fridays! 5 PT Memes by The Awesome Physical Therapist

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Those of you who use twitter for PT will no doubt be familiar with The Awesome Physical Therapist. He started out Cynical, but turned into Awesome. Guess the online PT community is overwhelmingly positive. Here are 5 PT Based memes, because you know, who doesn't like a good meme?

  • I'd say you can start out with this one and educate the public in general that discs dot not slip in and out
  • they may or may not be symptomatic either
  • even when they are symptomatic, we can rapidly change that, and if PT cannot, many self reduce or the fragments become reabsorbed on their own within months
  • ahhh the runner's ITB stretch, my favorite thing to teach never
  • not only can you not stretch a muscle, you cannot stretch fascia either
  • muscle increases in length by growing new sarcomeres in series, this takes up to 6 weeks, and that is with continuous stretching, 20 min a day
  • repeated movement, manual therapy, etc... all work, but the rapid changes are not mechanical, they're neurophysiologic
  • non-compliant patients, let's face it, we all have them
  • give someone a realistic HEP, none of this booklet of 30 exercises
  • if someone is too busy to do 1-2 things repeatedly throughout the day, they're too busy to take it upon themselves to make a difference in their condition
  •  I have a love hate relationship with TDN, yes it's powerful reset, but it's invasive and that twitch response is really uncomfortable, and many times painful
  • when I have built my entire approach on causing no pain or discomfort with any input, it becomes a quandary when to use it (other than, not at all in NY State)
  • I can get the same rapid response from light IASTM, manipulation, or a simple repeated loading strategy that is hands off
    • the caveat is that as inputs, sometimes my go-to treatments are not getting the desired response, but TDN does, why is that?
      • not as invasive, therefore the expectation/placebo is not as strong
      • another clinician may have used similar strategies that did not work, thus negating the introduction of a novel input
    • look for a video next week where I demonstrate some TDN on a PT with chronic ulnar neuropathic pain, when IASTM, compression wrapping, and other resets failed to make a rapid improvement
  • because who doesn't love a little Seinfeld and Plyometrics?

Thanks again to The Awesome PT for these memes, Check out his site, it's expanded from a parody site to much more!

Keeping it Eclectic....

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