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Thursday Thoughts: Poll on Cross Friction Massage

Why Do You Use Cross Friction Massage?

I want to go back to this facebook page post in case you missed it, were in the camp that uses it, or missed the link in Monday's post.

While we're at it, if you have not already, please review some modern manual therapy articles here, here, and here. If you do not want to take the time to review, those articles sum up modern manual therapy. There are little to no mechanical effects. "Tissue work" is more like tissue stimulation. All of the rapid effects we get with manual therapy applications are neuro-physiologic. You would have to apply excessive force just to deform superficial fascia only 1%.

So it is established that CFM does not realign scar tissue, AND it's not ok to cause pain, especially when the patient is already in pain. What on earth would be the reason why you would use this technique when any number of non painful (IASTM, compression wrapped neurodynamics, repeated motions, PNF) techniques would get the same or better results?

I did not realize until that facebook post that my many of my facebook followers are probably not blog readers as I am probably preaching to the choir here.

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