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Nuances of the Easiest Cervical Screen Ever

The original post on The Easiest Cervical Screen ever can be found here.

Here are a few more things to look for when you look at NWB cervical retraction with SB

  • shoulder drops earlier on the involved side
  • tendency for patient to protract cervical spine (upper cervical extension) when loaded on the involved side
  • increased resistance despite full range on the involved side
It's not always visibly obvious when doing this test, but adding the above points to The Easiest Cervical Screen Ever will help you figure out which side to address treatment to. - (hint, usually the involved side).

Thanks to my robopal Chris Johnson for letting me assess him in the video below!

For the rest of the assessment all the way up until cervical thrust manipulation treatment, OMPT Channel subscribers can find that soon on The Assessments Channel! Thanks!

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