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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Currently Recommended Courses

I update this list every 6 months or so and it turns out my last list was written in May. I get asked this at least weekly, so I thought it would be helpful to the curious to see what I am currently recommending.

1) McKenzie Institute (MDT) Courses

  • in general, what most therapists need is 
    • proper history taking
    • a classification system that is reliable and dictates your clinical decision making
    • examination that does not require palpation
    • a strong emphasis on patient education
  • I have not taken the course, but I have read the text, and recommend that to be read by any clinician dealing with pain
  • Zac Cupples review can be found here
  • I still maintain anyone looking at someone move should look for asymmetries and be able to tell the difference between a motor control/stability issue or true movement dysfunction
  • the SFMA directs your treatment, and most likely toward places or regions of the body that my be related to the current dysfunction, but you would not have looked there initially
  • what? You're not a MedBridge member yet? Either get yourself a membership, or get your employer to do so as part of your CEU allowance, you will not regret it
  • everything from Adriaan Louw (one of the author's of above Therapeutic Neuroscience Education), to Jay Dicharry, PT and running researcher and of course Two Eclectic Approach courses by yours truly are on there!
  • they even have a comprehensive patient education portal
  • support both MedBridge Education and this blog by getting your subscription, currently on sale for $200, down from $425 for an annual subscription here!
  • KinetaCore teaches Dry Needling in the context of using the SFMA as a pre and post test 
  • my review of FDN 1 can be found here and it was one of the best courses I have paid for in years
  • I look forward to Part 2 and their Functional Therapeutics Coures as well
Astute readers will recognize a few ommissions from the last time I wrote this course. I still  highly recommend Mulligan Courses, due to their integration that fits in well with an Eclectic Approach.

Keeping it Eclectic...

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