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Pain Free QL Release

The 3rd in a very popular series of Pain Free Release, trying to take the normally most noxious techniques and make them pain free for everyone, not just people in pain.


  • stand behind patient
  • using an EDGE Mobility Ball (other ball or your fist lightly), place between inferior 12 rib and superior iliac crest space
  • position should be slightly behind midline
  • apply light pressure medially until resistance is felt
  • may be slightly uncomfortable, but pain is not acceptable
  • takes 3-5 diaphragmatic breaths
  • concentrate on a slow full exhale to reduce tone with a 2-3 second hold of breath at the end of exhale
  • as tone reduces, slowly progress in medial depth
  • ipsilateral sidegliding in standing, ability to load ipsilateral lumbar pain
  • if someone is blocked in SGIS, rotation in flexion, or is threatened under load to their own HEP, this along with a pain free psoas release is key to mitigate threat

Keeping it Eclectic...

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