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Top 5 Fridays: 5 Tech Tips

I'm a self processed geek, I even do all my websites/social media myself! Here are 5 Tech Tips that I have found extremely useful for productivity and you will too!

1) The new Chrome Bookmarks Manager

  • what you need - google chrome for desktop
  • click here to download the new Bookmarks Manager
  • why should you use it?
    • it's bookmarks for the new web, google style
    • you can organize your bookmarks, or really as I now think of them, read later
    • for example, I made a folder called OMPT Daily, and I save interesting research, or posts that I may want to reference later
    • the best part, is that it comes with SEARCH! - no more perusing through your hundreds of bookmarks for that one research article you read 3 years ago
    • you can also make your folders public, kind of like a cross a pinterest board

2) Google Inbox
  • What is it? - The gmail team's new take on email
  • Why do you need it?
    • do you mark important emails as unread or re-email them to yourself in the hopes you won't forget them later? - you no longer need to do this
    • you can pin emails to the top of your inbox and they stay there until you mark them done
    • you can also snooze emails to pop up on a specific day/time, or even location (for your phone)
    • this has really upped my productivity as I can mark important messages I need to reply to for a time when I know I can take the time to answer
    • unfortunately, this is by invite only, I get 9 invites a week, message me if you want one, first come, first serve!

3) CamScanner
  • this app is a must for anyone with a smartphone
  • you take a picture with the app, it smartly and quickly crops it, and turns it into a pdf, right for the saving!
  • this is how I scan my patient intake forms and upload them to my business google drive account 
  • available for android and iOS and it's free!

4) Screen Filter
  • if you're like me, you catch up with your reading in bed
  • if you use your smartphone or tablet, you may be exposing yourself to some blue light that would affect your sleep 
  • screen filter, a free app for android devices lets you adjust how dark you want your screen and blocks the blue light
  • iOS users, you're out of luck app wise, but you could either use blue light blocking glasses or hold the phone a foot away from your face
  • these tips have even helped a few of my headache patients that were not responding as fast as expected

5) Using Google Docs/Apps as inexpensive EMR
  • wrote this a while back and I get asked questions about it regularly, so here is the link for your review!
Hope you're all safe and warm during this crazy winter! 5 feet of snow and counting! Maybe I will be able to leave the house within a day or 2! 

Keeping it Eclectic...

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