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Thursday Thoughts: How Long Does the Magic Last?

Earlier on in my career I was quite content with pathoanatomy, palpation for motion, position, and condition. That is what I learned, and that is what I taught. I was convinced that patients needed me to "fix" them.

While many patients want the quick fix, most are happy to be empowered with the ability to self treat. Thanks to my pal Jesse Dimick for this edition of Thursday Thoughts. We were talking about the odd relationships and claims that do not seem to make sense. Yet, you see them all over the internet and in courses. Things like releasing the masseter helps an inhibited (or is it facilitated QL), changing the jaw position is needed to help pelvic position and so forth. I suppose they could work, but much simpler things like treating the actual dysfunction area work as well.

Many of these systems have what seem to be magic tricks to help someone feel and move better. It does not matter whether or not the treatment is
  • education
  • mobilizations
  • manipulation
  • neurodynamics
  • repeated motions
  • needling
  • corrective exercise
  • general strengthening and conditioning

Every magic trick is just an input to the CNS, which is both easily tricked, but not easily convinced. Depending on how convincing your act is, you have a window of improvement that lasts minutes to hours at best. Keep the window open with more education, and patient empowerment with both self assessment and treatment. Everyone has tricks that work, share that magic with your patient for better and faster outcomes.

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