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Tuesday Newsday! Sale Time!

I hope everyone had a good holiday off with a nice long weekend. Two sale announcements for today's Tuesday Newsday!

First up, iastmtechnique.com is on sale for it's 1 year anniversary! The program has been a resounding success and Mike Reinold and I are discounting the normal price by $30, so you can get unlimited membership to our site for only $99. This also comes with a $10 discount on the EDGE and EDGEility Tools.

Here are some testimonials from the past year...

Drs. Reinhold and Religioso have complied a course that consists of easily digestible research and practical application, that a busy clinician will find not only helpful, but flexible and ultimately USEFUL! Thank you for creating this course, I found it very helpful to both me and my patients.
Brad Banker, PT, DPT, NCS

After taking this CEU course I believe I am ready to start performing IASTM. I am new to IASTM and feel as though it will be a great adjunct to my current treatment techniques. I have been itching to start performing IASTM on my patients since beginning this course. I liked learning about new and different perspectives to evaluation and treatment that were presented in this course and that can be used with IASTM. Overall I believe this was a great course.

Erica Smith, PT, DPT - Upper Sandusky, OH

When I first came in contact with IASTM I was eager to learn more. So I started looking on the web for courses in my country when I found out about this website. As there are any courses regarding IASTM available in my own country I decided to take the shot and follow this course. This was the first paid online course I've attended. To be honest the course is great. I learned a lot about some (scientific) background using IASTM and also a lot of techniques to work with while in working in the field. I didn't find it hard to follow the course and had a lot of fun with it. I even decided to order the lubricate and EDGE tool to work with. Turns out that they're great for me. I already recommended this to my colleagues and close friends and they are most likely to participate in this course as well. Thanks for the well set up course. I will get back to this website to look some things up in the near future again to further enhance my skills and I'll definitely go study more regarding fasciae and IASTM. Thanks so much!

Joris van Hulten PT, B

Excellent course for beginning IASTM. Covered background, tools, theory, techniques and advanced topics. Highly recommend this course! I began practicing and implementing the techniques immediately.

M.T., DPT - Denver, CO 

This program gave me insight to the research behind the IASTM technique as well as simple strategies to begin incorporating IASTM into my daily treatments. I think my elite athletic population will benefit greatly from IASTM and will work well with some of my time constraints often faced with professional athletes. This will also work well for the small percentage of my patients that cannot tolerate FDN.

Rebecca Arce, DPT COMT
Resident PT for Carolina Ballet, Raleigh, NC

That's not all! Most EDGE Mobility System products are on sale from Friday August 27th to Friday September 4th! The EDGE, EDGEility, TowEDGE Spacers, CupEDGE, EDGE Mobility Band/Ball and Mirror Boxes are all on sale through amazon.com.

Plus OMPT Channel Update! Multisegmental Rotation Assessment, partial breakout and PNF agonist reversals demo, under the Assessments Channel.

Keeping it Eclectic....

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