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Thursday Thoughts: The Go Lighter Challenge

When regular blog readers attend my courses, they are still surprised at the amount of force I use with IASTM. They are also surprised that I rarely if ever use joint mobilizations.

I just wanted to issue everyone who is reading this a little challenge. Go Lighter. On your new patients, use at least 50% less force on all your manual techniques. After all, we're not deforming fascia or joint capsule. There is no good reason to cause pain to someone who has a peripheral or centrally sensitized nervous system.

I say "new patients" because your current patients will have a certain expectation that whatever you are currently doing to improve their complaints is what is needed. This may reduce the effectiveness of the same intervention if it feels different or the perception that force=effectiveness.

So go ahead, use less force. I have been using less and less over the years. It was really validating to my practice to hear a fellow mentee who trained with me in 2012, then again in 2013, just six months later say, "You're using even less force than you were last year!" Outcomes, remained the same, or even better because I can easily perform the same treatments to improvement movement and enhance HEP on consecutive days. If your patient is beat up and bruised, that's not going to happen. If it can work for me and the many I have shown and convinced to go lighter, it can work for you. What's the worst that can happen?

  • your patients will like you more
  • your hands will feel better
  • your patients will rarely if ever be sore

I spent well over a decade beating on my patients, if I can make the change, so can you!
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