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Review: Motion Guidance - A Great Product to Help Motor Control

We know from numerous studies that pain influences motor control. These patterns become ingrained as a type of motor habit and once the pain subsides, the aberrant movement often remains, predisposing to injury.

The Motion Guidance Product was developed by Dr. Tal Blair, a fellow DPT and University of St. Augustine Alum. Dr. Blair recognized the need for visual feedback to many of the common motor control and stability exercises we instruct. Taking a cue from Go Pro, and similar other "Action Cams," he developed a simple product, Motion Guidance.

Motion Guidance is a infrared laser that articulates on a stiff ball and socket, enabling you to angle it in any direction you choose. It comes with two mounts, one for parallel and the other perpendicular to the band you attach it to. There are two bands, one size fits all for limbs and the head, and another one size fits most for trunk. The laser is a one click on and off, meaning, like most laser pointers, you do not have to keep holding it to remain on, it's a simple alteration and works much better than tape!

As you can see from the video, it comes with a helpful chart that can be hung with supplied suction cups easily on any wall. The chart includes

  • a target to keep the laser pointer steady for bird dog exercises - which is tough!
  • different circles around the bulls eye for cervical motor control
    • this is really helpful for graded exposure and showing patients they are moving farther while maintaining slow control
    • you can mark how far they went for both visual and objective measures
  • several vertical lines for exercises like the popular single leg step down, again, having visual feedback really helps you realize you're not Chris Johnson when it comes to stability.

The two bands that the adjustable laser attaches to are easy to figure out if you've ever worn a belt and used Velcro before. Motion Guidance comes with a very nice case and packaging for travel. At $149.99, it's inexpensive as a clinical device to enhance many of the exercises we are already having our patients perform. I liked it so much, and of course, being developed by a DPT, I made it an official product of The EDGE Mobility System. It is available for purchase right now!

Bonus: You get to feel like a Borg with a laser on your head! Walk around and assimilate patients and co-workers!

Keeping it Eclectic....

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