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Goodbye Quick Links! Hello Tuesday Newsday!

As my blog grew (and I started blogging daily), it became pretty redundant to feature other great blogs or links every Tuesday and Thursday.

I then made Quick Links every Tuesday. For a good 6 months, Tuesdays are now the least visited day when I check my site metrics. Plus, with The OMPT Daily, and my twitter, and facebook page, I am literally getting thousands of views for links posted there, versus a few hundred on the blog Quick Links feature.

Every once in a while, I'll do a Tuesday Newsday, and keep my loyal readers up to date on news with my practice, upcoming Eclectic Approach Courses.

For Quick Links, please either subscribe to The OMPT Daily, or visit the embedded magazine in this blog, or like my facebook page! I update both daily with great links of everything I am reading!

In the news...

The Eclectic Approach comes back to Buffalo, NY - Saturday October 4th, IASTM Course. Click here for the registration.

Also, I will be starting to see patients in my cash based practice in Houston, TX! We are looking to start either the 3rd or 4th week of September. If you're in Houston, stop by, refer a patient, or better yet, let's go out for some BBQ and beers!

Keeping it Eclectic and enjoying one day off of blogging!

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