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Thursday Thoughts: Your Thoughts on This Runner

The runner from yesterday's Vidcast Wednesdays slow motion analysis is featured today.

There are some subtle things going on (to my eyes) that I think are directly related to her objective findings. I took this video prior to any intervention.

Two comments
  • the asymmetry is subtle and contralateral top to bottom
  • this is not her normal running pace, but even walking and standing were painful as baselines so I did not want her to push it
So, what are your thoughts? Leave them below in the comments, or the facebook page! The case will be a full write up after 3-4 more visits.

Update for my OMPT Channel subscribers! Online Follow up 1 of a DPT seeking care for his own chronic lumbar and radiating thigh pain. Under the Assessments Channel.

Keeping it Eclectic...

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