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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Cinema Air, Aaron Swanson, and Body in Mind.

Cinema Air has done a great job interviewing many of the PTs in social media. Every once in a while, he gets around to writing an actual post as well, this time, it's about that topic that everyone loves to argue about, EBP. There are some links to other thoughts on this topic as well, including some that are normally not on my radar.

Can't get enough Quick Links? Aaron Swanson has compiled his list for July, as always it's full of great resources, posts, and quotes from this month. Thanks for a few plugs and quotes Aaron!

Body in Mind summarized some really well done research on weather and LBP. Instead of asking participants directly during spouts of bad weather, they correlated reports of LBP independently with weather records. The results are the same as the rest of the research not finding a correlation.

As always, there is The OMPT Daily for more Quick Links!

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