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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Running Research Junkie, Aaron LeBauer, and Runner's World.

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Onto the Quick Links!

Running Research Junkie reviewed an article looking at various running injuries and their rate of recovery. He also linked several of his very well written and scientifically based posts on load, injury and recover. Some of the means from this study really make you question what the patient's care was! 159 days for plantarfasciitis is WAY too long!

Runner's World summarized research that contradicts older research from the 70s on what you should be focusing on while running. The older research stated that elite runners tended to focus on their form, whereas midpack runners thought about things other than the race. The newer study focused on veteran runners and looked at economy while looking at

1: thinking about their breathing;
2: thinking about their form;
3: thinking about their feelings; and
4: thinking about whatever typically occurs to them while running

The first two groups had significantly increased O2 consumption compared to groups 3 and 4, who had similar findings. Comparing these studies is like apples and oranges, as this was not under race conditions, and obviously may differ on race day, or how you are even feeling. I know that if I feel great, I think about anything, versus if my knee or ankle may be bothering me, I concentrate on my form, usually to good results.

Thinking about starting a cash based practice? Dr. Aaron LeBauer has some advice on mindset. I recently had this revelation as well when setting my prices above every other clinic in the area that I know of. I am also the only practice I know of that spends the entire hour with the patient whether they are getting manual therapy, performing strengthening and conditioning or corrective exercises.

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