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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from In Touch PT, Dr. Skeptic, and Dr. Ben Fung. Plus new EDGE Mobility System product announcement and sale!

New EDGE Mobility System product launch! Introducing the TowEDGE - get it? They're silicone wEDGEs for your toes to improve alignment and foot surface area. After following up with Adam Kelly's research (part 1 and 2) on Toe Spacers from his hypothesis to the finished thesis, I have tried using Toe Spacers on patients with stability issues in SLS and other functional activities. It certainly is an easy and comfortable way to improve stability by increasing proprioceptive awareness from one of the biggest homuncular representations in the CNS. So using my model for all EMS products, take a good overpriced product, and make it affordable. Available now on EMS and amazon.com. (yes, that hobbit foot "model" is mine, my wife thinks I should change the picture).

To celebrate the release of a new EMS product, The EDGE Tool, EDGEility, CupEDGE, and EDGE Mobility Bands are all on sale for 1 week on amazon.com!

Onto the Quick Links!

Dr. Harrison Vaughn recent found a research article that brought research a bit closer to clinical practice. I'm not that surprised that no research has to date been done on the subgroup of multiple level cervical fusion with current symptoms of neck pain and headache. It's hopefully too specific a population. Clinically, this surgery is very prevalent in the Southtowns of Buffalo, where I worked during fellowship, but for the past 14 years, my practice is in the Northtowns, where I have maybe seen two fusions, and they were easy cases. With that being said, if thoracic manipulation and mobilization helps a cervical patient without fusion, it certainly makes sense that it would improve them with fusion.

Dr. Skeptic reviews the current state of animal research. Is it really necessary? As an animal lover, this post is upsetting especially when you consider that there is a lack of quality in the studies, plus they are not translating to humans.

Dr. Ben Fung is more business minded than most clinicians (including myself), and writes great posts under this niche. One of his latest, Branding for Loyalty looks at some of the most popular brands and customer loyalty. I'd like to say enough about Disney already, but I love Disney too! Plus, bonus Quick Link of Ben's interview with The Cynical PT, a personality on twitter some of you may be familiar with.

As always, The OMPT Daily has even more Quick Links updated every day!

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