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Top 5 Fridays! 5 DVD or Online Learning Opportunities

Last Friday, I posted my updated recommended course list. Here are 5 recommendations for online or DVD based learning.

1) Training = Rehab 2: Lateralizations and Regressions

  • I haven't made it through the entire course yet (a ton of post production work for MedBridge, plus finishing up Capnotrainer and PRI courses....) 
  • I had a small preview assisting Charlie last October in Buffalo with a 1 day T=R
  • however, after taking T=R 1, 2 years ago, I am sure the sequel is entirely worth, Charlie is always updating his approach with both research and science based ways to enhance movement and screen it
  • he's also frank, easy to watch, and teaches immediately applicable material, highly recommended!
  • can't get enough of Moseley's youtube videos? Want to learn more about Pain Science but have so far resisted my recommendations of Therapeutic Neuroscience Education Text? - These were made for you
  • learn why explaining pain to patients can make a significant difference, and how to explain it without raising threat or fear
  • he is seriously one of the most charismatic, easy to watch presenters I have ever watched, plus this gives you stories, anecdotes told in his unique manner that will assist your patient interactions
  • MedBridge is seriously one of the best deals in online learning, CEUs for OTs, PTs, soon SLP, and ATCs?
  • their courses are professionally shot, and yes you can tell the difference
  • their are short, keep you on your toes quizzes between chapters
  • if you stop a chapter in the middle, the site remembers where you left off, just like Netflix, so convenient
  • There will be two Eclectic Approach Courses in 3-4 months, and hopefully shooting more this year!
  • please consider using the link above, which is an affiliate link to sign up you and/or your facility, as a thank you for the time I put it to my own site
  • if you're like me and have a lot on your plate and occasionally do not have the time to watch 4-6 hour courses, may be more up your alley
  • these courses also offer CEUs to all states, but it's at a different price point, and also not as polished
  • however, you get to take courses and the quiz shortly afterward, earning CEUs, what my wife does during CEU crunch time
  • I also have a neurodynamics course on if you're already a member, but it's not a live lecture, just me reading over a powerpoint, and has video demonstrations of the assessments, but no live eval and treat like my MedBridge Courses, still useful for quicker info
  • so pluses and minuses to both #3 and #4, but for the price of belonging to both $299, and $99/year, that is still less than the cost of one full course and you get CEUs at your convenience
  • above also an affiliate link, thanks in advance if you use it
5) Mike Reinold's Plethora of Courses
Of course it goes without saying, that The OMPT Channel is also an amazing deal at $4.99 a month (you can try for one month, watch all my current videos and cancel at any time). I am continuously adding new content at least twice a month, often including live Eval and Treats from The Eclectic Approach Courses.

Keeping it Eclectic and plugging my friends/colleagues....

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