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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from the NSCA, the NY Times and Ars Technica.

No, I'm not going to ask you to vote for me again on Therapydia - thank you for keeping me in the lead for now! For those of you who are NSCA Members, please vote for Don Reagan for Sports Medicine/Rehab Professional of the Year. Don and I go way back, he was one of the first bloggers I came across 4 years ago. He talked to me regularly when others ignored me and was influential in me taking both the FMS and SFMA. I even rejoined the site just to vote for him!

Reason why you should vote for Don

  • he's an amazing strength and conditioning coach
  • to my knowledge, he may be the ONLY PT Gray Cook ever hired to work along side him at Mountain River - Major #KUDOS!
  • he has the best laugh (if you know him, you'd agree)
  • he's a great family man
  • bottom line, he deserves it!

Want an update on the PT from Brooklyn who billed Medicare for 4 million dollars? Well, turns out it doesn't really get much better when the NY Times interview him in this article. Not only does the public think PT is a Medicare Goldmine (despite later in the article they say the average PT billed 49k in 2012), but this guy actually dug himself deeper. He says it would be impossible for him to bill all those hours of treatment. In fact, he has several facilities and NON par PTs and PTAs billing all under his number. Right.... that's either fraud, or abuse, depending on whether or not he "knows" it's wrong to bill all under your provider number. He ALSO billed identical units for each patient and on average each patient got about 98 services (not sure if this is treatments or billed hours), E-Stim, Massage, Ther Ex, AND Ther Activities. I thought CMS did not even cover E-Stim and massage! This should have triggered an audit! Either way, he's got some attention drawn to him now, hope he get's most of it retroactively taken back.

I'm a science geek and techie, and love reading Ars Technica. Recently they featured an article highlighting some reasons why the US Speed Skating Team may have done so poorly this year. Does this sound like a recipe for disaster? 1) High altitude training in Italy possibly masked performance issues (unlikely) 2) They got new suits developed by Lockheed Martin right before the Olympics that were untested prior to going straight to compmetition. Even if that's not the main cause, it certainly is a coaching error to allow untested suits prior to the biggest event of their lives!

OMPT Channel Update! Shoulder Mini Eval and Treat from The Eclectic Approach to Spinal Manipulation Buffalo, NY April 2014! Under The Assessments Channel.

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