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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Essentials for a Startup/Concierge Practice

Having a popular blog and a decent amount of notoriety online makes some people think I work in some big fancy clinic with tons of equipment and space. That's simply not true, or for us, needed.

I posted recently about my Consultant Model of practice, which works really well for a startup business. A reader asked what 5 pieces of essential equipment would I recommend for a new business, so here we go!

1) Portable Table

  • we don't have these at our practice, but I wish we did!
  • it's very comfortable, adjustable, affordable and portable
  • this is the table I use for my concierge visits as well, folding up and putting it in my vehicle
  • I came from a practice with a bunch of cardon tables, but in the past 3 years got used to having fixed plinths, honestly I've never felt the need to spring for a $3000 or more table again

2) Adjustable Kettlebell, dumbbell
  • I don't have the powerblock kettlebell, but wish I did
  • I do have the classic dumbbells, and highly recommend them
  • why invest in a set of weights/bells for a startup or concierge practice when these cover enough of what many patient's need?

  • a great band for doing multiple types of corrective exercises
  • comes in a few different resistances
  • lots of videos online for examples

  • cheaper than a TRX and just as easy to use
  • I've thrown them up around playgrounds, etc... also brought it to workout in hotels
  • very easy to set up over a door if you're going to a patient's workplace or home
  • a ton of videos for TRX available online for workout examples

  • I use google for all my services, including documentation as a very inexpensive EMR
  • you can combine this with google calendar, etc...
  • it's the topic of a future blog post how to make google's apps HIPPA compliant, I have, and it's easy!
I know some of you contacted me about the feasibility of starting up your own Consultant practice. With the above items, you can do so very easily!

Of course, anything from the EDGE Mobility System also helps, any most of my products are on sale until the next of next week!

Keeping it Eclectic....

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