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Thursdays Thoughts: 1000th post and Does Expertise Affect Outcomes?

It's my 1000th post here on The Manual Therapist! After a little over 2.5 years, all that incessant writing, ranting, and learning has gotten me to this epic moment!

Thanks for all the reading and sharing, because without you readers, I would still just be teaching locally in Buffalo, NY, not having 4 international courses scheduled this year plus of course more in the pipeline through MMIM and other hosted courses in the US!

This week's Thursday Thoughts again is Quick Linked from my colleague Dr. Harrison Vaughn at In Touch PT. Does Clinical Expertise Affect Outcomes?

I would say after 5 years, my outcomes plateaued, then I got some Pain Science Religion in me, which minimally affected outcomes, then 2-3 more years go by and I am a born again CertMDT. Combining that with Explain Pain and some healthy OMPT skills, dropped the visit average from 10-15 to 4-6. That "magic" 6 visit average has continued to this day almost 16 years into my career. Everything I take and learn now from PRI, to Capnolearning, to a few new things coming down the pipe is to help the small percentage of patients that fall through the cracks of the medical system. The plateau does not have to be flat, it can inch upward every once in a while by adding more ways to assess and treat.

What's next for me? 

Learning about ways to assess and treat breathing pattern disorders was the end of last year and the beginning of this year for me. Now that I am finishing up my training and I'm getting more cases under my belt with the Capnotrainer, time to move onto vision! I won't say what courses I'm looking at now, have to do a bit more research but I've had discussions with a few clinicians that have persuaded me to look here for more answers.


For you OMPT Channel subscribers, thank you again! I just uploaded a new ankle consult of a young athlete with a chronic ankle sprain, online consult, under the Assessments Channel. To commemorate my 1000th post, I am offering $10 off the $49.99 yearly subscription, and half off, the monthly subscription (for only 1 year and 1 month respectively) for 1 week. Perfect time to sign up if you ask me!

More news, I have re-launched Stop Thought Viruses - #knowpain4nopain as more than just a bracelet program for chronic pain and changing your outlook. Now it consists of
  • 1:1 Google Helpout sessions - yay just got approved for this awesome telehealth service!
    • for some Explain Pain/TNE learning
  • reinforced with mandatory reading of Why Do I Hurt?
  • added with the original STV bracelet program to change your outlook and decrease threat
  • plus adding the Mindfulness text 8 week program
  • with Body in Mind's Questionnaire added to the equation to assess their knowledge of pain education and go over the answers for further education
What do you think?

Lastly, in regard to Google Helpouts, I am differentiating myself from the other PTs and like clinicians on the service by not only offering help to patients, but mentoring to clinicians as well. Getting a mentor is advice I give to novice clinicians and even clinicians who have lost their passion. Some mentoring in a systematic, easy to implement approach like The Eclectic Approach can get you fast results, better outcomes, and happier patients. I have mentored several clinicians online prior to helpouts and they have all been happy. I figure this is the next step in my services to offer evolution. Here is the link to my Google Helpout Clinician Mentorship page.

A lot has changed over the past few years, all because of this blog, I am extremely grateful for all my loyal readers and my new ones I am gaining regularly! I am psyched to be Keeping it Eclectic!

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