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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Zac Cupples, Ann Wendel, and NOI Jam.

More PRI Course reviews from soon to be PRC Zac Cupples! This time it's Postural Respiration. I am sure that I would have a better understanding if I took their courses multiple times and live as well. However, Zac's reviews clear up a lot of the issues I had with understanding their concepts, assessments, and treatments. I am still not EVER going to put my hand under a girls bra to do any kind of manual technique, heck, even my wife would thank that's creepy! Any of you clinicians out there who use PRI more than I do, I am wondering, do you do this technique?

Are you interesting in more #BizPT, your own private practice, and/or transitioning to a cash based practice? Look no further than Ann Wendel's new webinar that covers all of these things, and more, including how to keep sane! I remember earlier stressed out days for both her and I several years ago, we would email each other back and forth telling each other to hang in there. Back then, she was using the same Consultant Model (practice within a practice) that I do now, but she has fully transitioned to owning her own practice and she is doing very well! Here is the link for her webinar! It's worth it if you have ever considered your own cash based PT practice.

David Butler recounts two very different injection experiences and the words that led up to how they felt. Do you preface your treatments with "this may hurt?" If so 1) Treatments are NOT supposed to be painful 2) You may want to rethink your wording.

More Quick Links as always on The OMPT Daily!

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