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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from SMR Blog, Running Research Junkie, and Gray Cook.

SMR Blog reviewed research on long term results after RC repairs. The interesting part of the meta-analysis showed there was not a statistically significant difference in pain and function measures whether or not the tear fully healed or not. Since both healed, and non-healed tears both had improvements in pain and function with minimum 30 month follow up, this kind of defeats the purpose of imaging after the repair. Is it the "repair" or "going through the process" of a repair that improves someone?

I started following a running blog recently, Running Research Junkie. The author, Craig Payne, is a podiatrist who is very critical of running research. He reviewed a very interesting abstract recently on running variability. Most of the FMS/SFMA based research is telling us that asymmetry predicts injury, and that makes sense to a point, right? Well, what the authors of the study reviewed showed was that runners with previous injury had less variability in contact time and flight time. This also makes sense if you think of running as THE most repetitive contact sport, less variability would lead to increase strain. Thoughts?

Want to know more of Gray Cook's thoughts on patterns versus muscles? Read his post here. Also, if you haven't read it already, go get Movement! It's only $9.99!

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