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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from NOI Jam, The Gait Guys, and Julie Wiebe.
New OMPT Channel update! CupEDGE Lateral Line Windmill Release with guest star Dr. Ryan DeBell of themovementfix.com! The all new 5 minute video can be found under the EDGE Mobility System Channel.

NOI Jam posts regular updates, sometimes twice in a day. Recently they posted a very interesting and disturbing where a woman woke up with fluid draining out of her head. All this from an itch! Click here to find out what happened!

Let's stick to a bodily fluids theme for this Quick Links! Shawn and Ivo recently posted a case where they had to celebrate their 1000th blog post in 3 years! (I am just 22 shy of 1000 myself!). It's a headline eye grabber for sure! Read I Had Explosive Diarrhea in the middle of a good long run!

When searching my saved interesting links, I actually came across a third bodily fluid related link! Here is a great post that one of my tweeps, Julie Wiebe PT of the #pelvicmafia wrote to that amazingly popular vehicle of poor advice, Dr. Oz. Julie addresses several mechanical and dietary fixes for someone who has to urinate frequently, beyond adding flax seed to her diet. Great job Julie!

For more Quick Links (not bodily fluid related), read The OMPT Daily!

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