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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Zac Cupples, Aaron Swanson, and Harrison Vaughn.

If you're like me and missed out on CSM this year, but want to hear all about it. Look no further than #CSM2014 hashtag on twitter. Harrison Vaughn gave a great day 1 recap including two of my favorite clinicians to hear, Lorimer Moseley and David Butler. Some great quotes in here and always great reinforcement about how we should view pain and soften our patient language during our interactions. I would hate to follow either one of these guys on stage!

Zac Cupples the professional review machine and internet meme user is back with a chapter review of Chaitow's Updated Breathing Pattern disorders text. If you read Zac's blog regularly, you'll know he's a huge fan of PRI and not so much of DNS. Here he is reviewing Chapter 2 of Chaitow's text, and who is the contributor? No other than Pavel Kolar, founder of the Prague School and the DNS Concept. Great review, and as I actually have the text in my "to read" bookshelf, I don't have to feel like I'm missing out on great information as long as Zac continues to review.

Aaron Swanson recently wrote a great post, Everything is Moving Proximally. This is in regard to using neurodevelopmental postures to facilitate proximal stability for distal mobility. It's not a new concept, and has long been part of PT before being popularized again and again by newer gurus. There is a great video with examples of the Edge of Ability in the 4 developmental postures. Great post Aaron!

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