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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Fitness Pain Free, Runblogger, and Zac Cupples.

Physio Answers regular contributor Dr. Dan Pope of Fitness Pain Free posted a while back about PTs general lack of knowledge or misconceptions of CrossFit. He raised some good points and he is back with another post with 5 Reasons Why PTs and Personal Trainers need to communicate. I have found in my practice that if you find a good trainer, they are a great source of referrals but it has to be both ways. Too many PTs just market without ever sending business the other way. Personal trainers are often more open to what you have to say than your average MD, so you're less likely to get rejected.

Dr. Pete Larson, the Runblogger shared a great story along with a news video that went viral. Click here to find out why Thou Shalt Not Laugh at a Fellow Runner. I watched the video and laughed. Maybe when I finally get the time to run again it will come back to haunt me.

What I feel like after reading one of Zac's PRI reviews, not even the course itself!
Dr. Zac Cupples will be one of my go to guys to ask questions about PRI. Questions like, how do you take these courses without your head exploding full of pathoanatomy? He wrote another great review in his PRI saga of Craniomandibular Restoration. I do plan on taking Pelvic and Advanced, and it seems natural to want to take this course, but I have to finish up my Better Physiology courses first.

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