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Quick Links!

Hello World!
Today's Quick Links may be brief depending on how many times Leila Eloisa Religioso wakes up as I am sitting beside her! The Quick Links are from Eric Cressey and The Student Physical Therapist.

Quick specifics in case I don't end up blogging this week. Leila was born at home with two Nurse Midwives attending 2-16-14 at 5:08 pm. We did not plan on having her in the tub, but that is the last place my wife was laboring so that's where I caught her! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

Eric Cressey recently posted 7 Random Thoughts on Sports Performance Training. If you do not read his work regularly, you should! There is a lot of great info here, and he posts regularly.

How do you treat chronic pain? The no longer SPTs of The Student Physical Therapist asked this recently. For new grads, they have great insight. I would like to add that despite the chronicity of a patient's complaints, they may not be centrally sensitized. For a review on how you can tell, check out my post on Dr. Jo Nij's presentation on CS from that last IFOMPT. Most patients in pain need us to have a softer approach, choose our words wisely, and promote graded activities, however, the length that someone has complaints still does not make them less likely to be a rapid responder.

I have to sleep while I can so please check out The OMPT Daily if you want more links!

Keeping it Eclectic and enjoying our new life....

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