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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from SMR Blog, Physio Spot, and the Athletic Training Center.
SMR reviewed research on using oxygen for people with chronic TBI/concussion symptoms years after the original MOI. I am always interested in finding out more than neurobiomechanical reasons and treatments we can afford our patients who are not responding, and like they said, O2 is a relatively inexpensive one.

Physio Spot reviewed an article using expressive writing as an adjunct for patients in physical therapy. While both groups improve in pain scores, the postural evaluation and pain scores were significantly different in the group that wrote expressively about how the condition was affecting their life. This adjunct is even cheaper than O2!

Lastly, a post on a Counterintuitive Way to Motivate Someone helps you understand how to intrinsically motivate your patient to complete their rehab. Thanks to AT Center for sending me the link! I am huge on compliance and this is another great way to help with less than motivated patients!

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