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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Charlie Weingroff, In Touch PT, and Zac Cupples.

There are new videos available on the OMPT Channel! The first two online consults with a cervical/shoulder case that is most likely centrally sensitized are up under the assessments channel. Thanks to all of you who are subscribers!

Zac Cupples is back with another PRI Course review. This time it's Pelvic Restoration. Even his course review makes my head want to explode with pathoanatomy, so I may avoid this one, at least until I am done with Better Physiology's Capnotrainer courses. This one I may want to do live as well, but that's just tougher with my schedule. Great job Zac, glad it is coming together for you!

What does Charlie Weingroff do when a client refuses to go to a medical professional when they are in pain? More common, what does he tell fitness professionals to do with their clients who are in the same situation? I saw this when I took my first T=R with Charlie. A personal trainer "didn't want to complete" PT school, but does all kinds of manual therapy, etc... with his patients. Not a great idea when you have no license protecting you if you harm someone.

Harrison Vaughn reviewed research from the Bone and Joint Journal that was in favor of PT for non traumatic RC tear. He brings up 5 points why this research is key for our profession. I explain to patients the differences between a full thickness tear and a rupture and why they can get along for the first without surgery. Now we have a RCT to prove it.

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