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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Drs. Harrison Vaughn, Aaron Swanson, and Ben Fung.

What is the one model you should be using for all Lumbar (or is it all) patients? Harrison Vaughn breaks it down for you. Hopefully we all resort to this or at least fall back on this model if the patient does not fit our system of choice.

Want to read what Aaron Swanson has been reading? Click here to find out, he fills out his monthly version of Quick Links with a lot of material that I do not regularly follow. Check out his January 2014 Hits here.

Lastly, another epic post from my man Ben Fung. This is a part rant and part great ideas for the future of PTs in Private Practice. Some great points of diversifying of business, and also "using" students as free labor. This has always been a win/win tradeoff at not only our current practice, but my previous practice I managed for 10 years. In return for mentoring, and not giving a very reasonable schedule, they bring in revenue while learning at the same time. I was asked on the first day of my last internship, "Can you do evals?" Then it was all evals and one patient every 15 minutes until I asked to learn something. I thought, I am NOT going to treat my interns like this!

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