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Quick Links

Today's Quick Links are from NOI Jam, EIM, and RunBlogger.

Do you know how much your treatments cost? Do you think the average hair stylist knows how much their services, and the accompanying services that may go along with their cost? What about orthopaedic surgeons, are they in the ballpark for how much a hip surgery costs? Check out this post from EIM to find out.

A recent pain story on NOI Jam is the single most interesting one I have heard in years. When a patient cannot figure out what causes their pain, it's easy to blame it on posture, repetition, or certain movements. Check out what was reproducing this southpaw's symptoms.

Pete Larson, the RunBlogger recently posted why science cannot figure out the best running shoe. He goes over the results of a study that was also misconstrued by the mainstream media (surprise, surprise!). In my transition from "normal" running shoes to a 4mm drop, I tried recently running in more cushioned and larger heeled shoes and it is difficult! Structure and variation does matter, as well as form.

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