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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Zac Cupples, The Gait Guys, and Anatomy and Physiotherapy.

Zac Cupples is still reeling from PRI's Advanced Integration a few weekends ago. The review machine is going to tackle it one post at a time. If you're interested on tying the other courses together (I sure am, as I am having difficulty), it' a great read and sure to whet your appetite. Check out Day 1: Synchronous Breathing.

A diagnostic US study on symptomatic CTS patients was reviewed on Anatomy and Physiotherapy's page. Interestingly, it showed tissue changes on the symptomatic subjects, causing more compression, and also changes in the FDS tendons. This could account for an abnormal impulse generating system but should only be considered one piece of the symptomatic pie.

The Gait Guys always post interesting ways to look at the neurobiomechanics of the human body. Here they give a quick way to screen proprioception. I'm going to try it on myself and some patients this week!

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