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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Roger Kerry, Ben Fung, and The Sports Physiotherapist.

The Sports Physiotherapist recently posted on Radial Tunnel Syndrome. I admit I do not think of this pathoanatomical diagnosis like he does. Yet, it is always interesting to see other's views and thought processes in terms of what the evidence states, which he reviews well.

Roger Kerry once encountered someone in his teachings saying "I Don't Get Paid Enough to Think This Hard." Do you? Reading his posts on critical thinking and research certainly makes you think! The students in his courses are both fortunate and I am sure frustrated at the same time!

Dr. Ben Fung wrote another great post on #BizPT. If only all managers thought about business the way he did, customers would be a lot happier! Nothing frustrates me more than people not taking pride in their work or just phoning it in, no matter what kind of business I am in. Read Ben's thoughts on The Service Experience Value Statement. Great job Ben, way to find your niche!

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