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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Charlie Weingroff, Cinema Says, and Pain-Ed.

If you missed it earlier in the week, subscriptions to the OMPT Channel are on sale this week until Sunday at midnight EST.

First up, sale time! The OMPT Channel is on sale! All you have to do is subscribe via the main page, located here, or omptchannel.com and you will get either your first month or your first year half off! There is no minimum time you have to subscribe and you may cancel at any time. What you get
  • hours of instruction videos on various assessments and treatments
  • separate channels for
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    • OMPT Eclectics - hours of mini eval and treats!
Now for the Quick Links!

Dr. Charlie Weingroff posted twice in one week! As usual it's quality over quantity, and this time is regarding a SFMA case study. It is difficult to answer questions like these, but we do our best. The best advice is the test-intervene-retest, plus have a backup plan!

The Pain-Ed site was recently updated with another interview with Dr. Peter O'Sullivan. Peter explains the common beliefs of "being out of place" and other thoughts that may make it difficult to treat these chronic pain patients.

Last, but certainly not least, here is one of the best interviews I have come across in quite a while. Those of you active on social media, particularly on twitter are most likely familiar with both @cinema_air and @mjcDPT. Well, the anonymous manual therapy resident interviewed one of the co-owners of Earth Angels, Inc, a home health agency. Learn how Dr. Monique J Caruth, moved away from her home, pursued her dreams, and started a successful business with many doubts on the way. This interview made my day!

For more Quick Links, read The OMPT Daily!

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