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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Direct Performance PT, Physio Spot, and Gray Cook.

For OMPT Channel members, new vid under Assessments. An Eval and Treat from my 2013 Austin, TX Course.

A colleague of mine is collecting data on what outpatient clinics are charging for evaluation, manual therapy, ther ex, and neuro re-ed. Please fill out the survey here and help him collect some simple data. This is what your practice charges, not what you get reimbursed. Fill out the form here via google docs. Thank you if you participate, it will take seconds!

Alexander Chan and Jon Ford, of the STOPS Back Pain Team reviewed Day 2 and 3 of the World Low Back Pain Congress in Dubai. Some of Day 2 that I liked regarding Jo Nijs is that his research on central sensitization does not apply to all LBP patients, or even all with persistent pain. When I had lunch with him at IFOMPT, he stated it was unethical to use the "all pain is from the brain approach" on something like a simple ankle sprain, or obvious mechanical issue. Click the links above for the great reviews on the latest on Pain, motor control and more.

Direct Performance PT wrote up what seems like a basic, but important post on quad strength and knee pain. For those of us into MDT and/or the SFMA, we tend to overlook things as simple as isolated quad strength. Yet his patient returned with the same condition because he only cleared movement, and not strength. I have this bias as well, and I only look at it when my other go toes are not working, as opposed to initially as we are trained to in school.

Related to the above post, Gray Cook recently posted about Isolation vs Movement Patterns. This fits right in with what Jacob experienced. We should be using a tests to for isolation if that is what we are after versus tests on movement patterns and symmetry, which does not check for strength in isolation.

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