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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Perry Nickelston, The PT Tech SIG, and Harrison Vaughn.

New EDGE Mobility System Product announcement! The EDGE Mobility Ball is the perfect combination of hard inner core and soft outer shell. They are hand made and much more comfortable for rolling or self pressure based release to reduce tone than plastic lacrosse balls. Like my other products, they are comparable to other more popular products - think TrP - but cost less. Check out the page here. Available on my site and through amazon.com!

I was recently invited to post on the APTA's Tech SIG Blog regarding how I leverage technology and social media in my businesses. So the first Quick Link is from me! Head on over there and check out their other posts from other like minded PT techies.

Next, Harrison Vaughn wrote a short and quick post comparing the transient effects of manual therapy to modalities. Surprise! The neurophysiologic effects last for the same duration! What do you think of that? My comments follow his post.

Lastly, Perry Nickelston wrote a great post on Dynamic Chiropractic on Taping the Diaphragm. This is a great cue to have the patient breath correctly, which inhibits dysfunctional upper quarter tone, reduces threat, engages the core among other things. I had this taping applied to me during the FMT course, and I drove home 2 hours with it on. My diaphragm was so fatigued by the end of the day!

Check out the OMPT Daily every day for more Quick Links!

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