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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from EIM, Dr. Ben Fung, and The PT Podcast.

First up, sale time! The OMPT Channel is on sale! All you have to do is subscribe via the main page, located here, or omptchannel.com and you will get either your first month or your first year half off! There is no minimum time you have to subscribe and you may cancel at any time. What you get

  • hours of instruction videos on various assessments and treatments
  • separate channels for
    • neurodynamics
    • spinal manipulation
    • EDGE Mobility System
    • assessments
    • OMPT Eclectics - hours of mini eval and treats!
I also do requests if they're reasonable, and yes, I already did Gangnam Style last year, but no, it's not on the channel, it's on facebook. Now for the Quick Links!

@snippetphysther is tired of the term "Non-Specific Effects." Are you as well? Check out her rant on EIM's Blog and see if you agree.

The PT Podcast either coincidentally or not recently wrote a great post explaining Non-Specific effects and Specific Effects. If you ever wondered the difference, don't know what the heck I'm talking about, or just need a refresher of terminology, click here.

Dr. Ben Fung clearly loves Disney! The combination of that and his great eye for business and #BizPT is clear. Disney knows how to create a cohesive experience for consumers and knows how to brand itself. See how they do so and also why it is relevant to your business. Great job Ben, just wait til your kid gets older, Disney gets even better!

As always, for the latest Quick Links, please read The OMPT Daily!

Keeping it Eclectic...

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