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Q&A Time! SFMA, MDT, and Taping

A reader recently asked me several questions via email, but his work's system rejected my reply. Here it is so he doesn't think I was ignoring him!

Brian Kittelson asks:

Dr. E

I am McKenzie certified and attended the SFMA. I was wondering which system you use first in your evaluations? Do you use McKenzie as your go to for spine patients and then use both the SFMA on subsequent visits as needed or do you use McKenzie and SFMA exam on the first visit?

How about extremity patients? Which system do you use for examination and how do you integrate them?

My second question has to do with taping after using Iubrication for manual techniques: what do you do to remove the lubrication from the skin prior to taping?

Finally, I have attended a taping course but wonder if you have any recommendations for online learning about taping?

Brian, great questions, here are my answers...

SFMA or MDT 1st

I have changed whether or not I use the SFMA or MDT repeated motions in my exam first a few times this past year. The thing with repeated motions/loading strategies is that they often lead to rapid changes in ROM, pain, function, so in other words, symmetry. Performing MDT prior to the SFMA is almost guaranteed to affect your results as most patients fall into the rapid responder category. For this reason, I check the SFMA first, as it only takes a few minutes for the Top Tier tests, then I move onto a repeated motions exam. You wouldn't use IASTM or joint mobilization/manipulation prior to an SFMA, would you? There you go!

Extremity Patients

No difference here, a patient is a patient and many "shoulder" or "hip" patients have often been completely relieved of pain and had improved motor control/stability after repeated loading/unloading. Use the same order, SFMA then MDT.

Taping and Lubrication

Since I either use albolene or EDGE Solution, which is coconut oil, I try to clean the area with alcohol and then let it dry prior to tape application. I find this works pretty well. I've heard others say they use Rock Sauce as IASTM lubricant then no alcohol is needed and tape tends to stick well afterward. I have not tried this myself.

Online Learning

I did a quick Medbridge and PhysicalTherapy.com search, it seems Medbridge has a KT Tape course for upper and lower quarter and nothing on PhysicaTherapy.com. Maybe it's something I can work to come up with for next year IASTM part 2! Does anyone else know of online resources for kinesiotaping? I actually have used youtube quite a bit prior to taking FMT 1 and 2 earlier this year.

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Keeping it Eclectic! Everyone have a good holiday week (and a general week for those not in the US).

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