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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Gray Cook, EIM, and PT Diagnosis

Check out this great video snippet of The Future of Exercise Program Design from Gray Cook. In this preview, he is talking about Feeling Awkward, Intimidated and Disconnected. Do ask you patients to do movements knowing they are going to fail?

On EIM's blog, Selena Horner recently posted her thoughts on customer service, a topic both she and I are very passionate about. This is a must not only for any private practice owner, but any business! I don't even know what our pediatrician's PA looks like. From what I gather, she has a pony tail, a lab coat, and a tablet pc. She does interact with our kids, but I could only pick out her back from a lineup.

Can EMRs improve the Physical Therapy Experience? Tim Richardson weighs in at PT Diagnosis. I have yet to jump in on a specific EMR app or web solution, hearing the pluses and minuses. Being on the Clinical Peer Reviewer end for 6 years, I have seen plenty of minuses. So many providers cutting and pasting notes, sometimes without changing any parameters for dozens of visits. I once even asked a provider to do so, and that would justify more visits. He didn't even bother! I am sure EMR is a good thing in the end, but the abusers will always be there, it just makes it easier for them to do so.

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