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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from EIM, Direct Performance PT, and PT Diagnosis.

For all of you OMPT Channel subscribers, I uploaded a new video on using an EDGE Mobility Band and various functional mobilizations for a chronic FAI from the Chile Course in September. Enjoy and thank you for subscribing! Look for the video on the OMPT Eclectics Channel.

Do you want to be more effective with your TDN Tx? Here are some tips from Direct Performance Physical Therapy's blog! You take apply these tips to almost any type of soft tissue manipulation.

Tim Richardson does not have a DPT, but refreshingly is in favor of calling ourselves "doctor" in the practice if you do have one! One of my messages to new grads is not to let a supervisor or clinic owner state you cannot call yourself a doctor in the clinic. I am not sure if PharmD's are going through this as well, but no other doctoring profession has that kind of humble attitude that prevents the public from realizing we have advanced degrees.

Here are 2 Tips from EIM's blog for Marketing Your PT (or other) practice. I have definitely gotten more referrals and all for the low low price of $12/year! That's what it costs to host a blog through google's blogger service with a custom domain. I get new referrals at least weekly from someone who saw my youtube channel or a blog post that I wrote in the past. If you have a business and are not using social media as free advertising, you are missing out on a big opportunity to be googled!

For more links, remember to visit the OMPT Daily!

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