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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from SMR Blog, In Touch PT, and Rick Daigle.

Before we get to the Quick Links, check out this Q&A Case from the Manual Therapists Forum on Cervical Radiculopathy.

SMR Blog recently reviewed research on the effects of exercise on reaction time. The authors thought it may be a useful tool for measuring the effects of head injury in the field with simple and reliable means. Did exercise effect reaction time in either group? Click to find out!

Dr. Harrison Vaughn is interested in a survey based on the 3 pillars of evidence based practice concept. As he states, just in time for the annual AAOMPT Conference, as this concept is this year's focus. I voted for individual clinical expertise, if I had to choose 1 (and I do not only choose one for the record). Which did you vote for?

Dr. Rick Daigle, founder of Medical Minds in Motion has made Quick Links for the second time! It's an interesting post that allows you to get inside his mind and to see how he combines various systems. That inspired me to write a similar, what I do on day 1 and 2 blog post or vidcast.

For more links, be sure to visit The OMPT Daily.

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