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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Harrison Vaughn, Body in Mind, and Physio Blogger.

Harrison Vaughn recently wrote a post on no-brainer exercises. These are the things that we commonly prescribe today (or earlier) than we may look back on and face palm later. In my old practice, about 2-3 times/year we used to get scripts for 1 visit only for William's Flexion Exercises. This was before direct access and the patient could have begged the doctor, but he never prescribed more than 1 visit. First it was LBP, then it was restless leg syndrome, neck pain, whatever. I eventually turned away the evals, and always wondered, why didn't he show them himself. For me, the no-brainers these days are planks, or deep cervical flexor strengthening, both of which I have not used in years.

Do you want a unique look at the foot and ankle? Check out Physio Blogger's series on this important area. Since he has training from Gary Gray, it is admittedly way more complex than I tend to look at things, but it is interesting nonetheless.

How do you measure the effects of social media on research? Body in Mind attempts to do that, but realized there were no operational definitions for reach, going viral, etc. Check out what they're doing and see if you agree with how they defined these terms.

Remember to check out The OMPT Daily for more links!

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