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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Patrick Ward, Charlie Weingroff, and Zac Cupples.

Do you need another reason to watch one of Dr. Lorimer Moseley's lectures on pain? Dr. Zac Cupples gives you just that with a great review as he is 50+ posts in on his video and reading review rampage!

More Tensegrity theory review by Patrick Ward! This time it's a review of Fascial Manipulation theories and a study on treating knee pain with distal points after assessment. Many of the participants had improvement afterward immediately which is expected, and most even had improvement at one month, which was not. No control group though which is unfortunate as Patrick mentions. Also, thanks for the plug!

Want to hear Dr. Charlie Weingroff's thoughts on barefoot training? If so, go ahead and click, and we're not talking running here! If you have not tried any form of resistance training/general workouts barefoot, you should! It may definitely enhance proprioception, motor control and stability. I have been training this way since taking his Training=Rehab course 1.5 years ago.

Don't forget to check out the OMPT Daily for even more links!

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