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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from The Gait Guys, Zac Cupples, and Gray Cook.

The Gait Guys recently posted about a case where a concerned parent brought their 3 yo in for a case of foot/ankle instability. My 4 yo aspiring gymnast is also going through this and they chose a program similar to what a pediatric PT friend of mine also prescribed. Both programs go in line with what I was thinking. What is that exactly? Click to find out!

What is Dr. Zac Cupples motivation to learn? Why does he read/blog/learn so much? I hope it would be for the same reason why any of us do. Great points all around and I have to reiterate that the short sightedness of thinking advanced clinical reasoning VERSUS skill set makes no sense to me. Zac realizes, along with the rest of us seeking to better ourselves for the sake of our patients, that there is always a percentage you can't help. I love learning new assessments, ways of thinking, and treating that make me think, maybe patient x would have benefitted from this. Anyway, keep going Zac!

If you don't have Movement by Gray Cook, what's your excuse? You bought two Starbucks coffees? One large pizza? Go get it already, it's only $9.99 for crying out loud! Listen to Gray talk about Chapter one here on youtube via Movement Lecture's channel.

Don't forget to check the OMPT Daily for more links!

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