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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from @snippetphysther (+Selena Horner), Fitness Pain Free, and my EDGE Mobility System (plug alert!)

We do have a problem with the image of PT online. Google it and you get the same generic passive SLR stretch. That's why I created Physio Pics, which hasn't exactly been a hit b/c everyone is all in, then forgets about it. I contacted Selena about doing a tweetchat on this and it's scheduled for tonight on twitter using the hashtag #SolvePT. Here is the official post regarding the chat.  Hope you can join us and help change the Image of PT!

A new Fitness Pain Free Podcast is up by Dr. Dan Pope, with guest Dr. Brian Strump. It's available for download or you can stream it right from the site. The current topic is Stability vs Mobility. Many patients who get stretched forever but the increased motion does not hold. It's either a compliance issue, or a stability issue (or both).

A new product has been added to my EDGE Mobility System! They are silicone massage cups for cupping tissue mobilization. They're called the CupEDGE and can be purchased directly from my site or amazon.com. Check out the link with new demo vid! With all the talk recently on other blogs about not needing more tools and an emphasis on clinical decision making and mechanisms, I say, why not have both? If everyone practiced the same, there would be no choice for the patient and everyone's outcomes would be the same as well.

The OMPT Daily is below!

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