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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Ben Fung, Body in Mind, and Cinema Air.

Who is Cinema Air? Not quite sure, he doesn't use his real name on his blog, and on twitter it's Jason Bourne (not his real name... I asked). Anyway, he is a physical therapist and started a blog recently. Here is a post on the Ikea Effect Applied to PT.

Dr. Ben Fung has a #BrandPT Challenge for all of you! Well, for those of who are either PTs or soon to be! It's weekly, and will help #solvePT plus change the #ImageofPT. What is it? Read on to find out! I will try to participate in all my spare time!

How do you measure changes when you are using Explain Pain methods? A recent post at Body in Mind studied a questionnaire called the Neurophysiology of Pain Questionnaire or the NPQ. It was found to be sensitive for changes, but could use some improvements. I am not a fan of using questionnaires, but for this population, it is hard to detect changes week to week if at all in a patient's understanding of modern pain concepts.

Always more links new and old in the OMPT Daily!

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