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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Myself, Gray Cook, Body in Mind, Pacific Sport and Spine, and In Touch PT.

New site announcement!

After the tweetchat on twitter for Tuesday night's #solvePT, a bunch of us social media saavy clinicians thought a way to improve the Image of PT was for patients to share their stories. These stories can be shared by picture, text, or video (youtube, vine, etc). Many clinics out there already have testimonials either on their web page or letters from patients. If you only have written letters, scan them! For smartphone users, use something like cam scanner, an amazing app my business cannot do without! Email them to me at docpt709.ptstories@blogger.com or submit them at my new site Physio Stories! This site along with Physio Answers, my blog for the public, and Physio Pics, my pinterest like site that is in need of real PT pics from any PT discipline are aimed at improving the Image of PT! Please contribute! Do I ever sleep? Yes I do! And now, back to your regularly scheduled Quick Links!

I am getting more and more into teaching proper breathing for decrease in tone, stress, and increasing mobility. It's one of the reasons I started taking PRI's courses because I wanted some foundation on what I was instructing. Gray Cook recently did a post on breathing, click here to see his take.

Body in Mind recently had a post on Acupuncture and Analgesia. I'm not a fan of any passive treatment where the patient is just left alone. Certainly placebo is very powerful, but to me it's may as well be unattended e-stim. Note, this is in contrast to Dry Needling, which is an active approach. I still have yet to take any TDN courses as we are not able to do it in NY.

A colleague of mine is both a CrossFit enthusiast and a Sports Rehab Chiro. He shot several great looking videos on different mobility drills. Here is Dr. Ryan DeBell teaching the Primal Crawl. This is a great movement for stability, mobility, and symmetry! Runners, take note!

Dr. Harrison Vaughn reviewed some research on Hip and Knee OA plus OMPT and Exercise. How long do you spend doing manual therapy? For most of you, I'm sure it's not 50 minutes. If it is, I'm fairly certain it's not just to one area of the body. That is overkill! Check below the post for my comments and how I work it in my practice.

The OMPT Daily is below!

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