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Vidcast Wednesday! Treating the Ipsilateral Side

Here is a one of the basic tenets of the Eclectic Approach that I use to enhance MDT. Is he stretching the right side or enhancing motion to the left side?

MDT works best when choosing a loading strategy that is contrary to what the patient has repeatedly been doing. Many PTs over the weekend course in Texas had repeatedly been stretching away (i.e. right side cervical pain, so they stretch left to lengthen the tissues).

PTs repeatedly asked me, "So for left sided limitations, you treat the right side?" It's tough to unlearn! You can treat both sides for unilateral pain, but more often than not, working on the ipsilateral side improves ROM to the limited/painful side, enabling a patient to obtain end range, where the improvements are locked in by HEP. Here's the vlog!

Less is more!

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