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Today's Interesting Finds!

Today's OMPT Daily features top posts from Eat, Run, Rehabilitate, AAOMPT, and Jeff Cubos.

Eat, Run, Rehabilitate is a newer blog by Adam Kelly, ATC. He has been following my site for a while and like many, is intrigued by the MDT "resets" I use to rapidly improve pain, ROM, and function among other things. Check out how his n=1 toe patient responded!

The AAOMPT formed a new SIG or special interest group for Clinical and Academic Educators. Are you going to join? It's free and as soon as I get a free minute, you better bet I'm going to click and join myself!

Jeff Cubos posted a quick hip mobility drill, check it out on the media section below!

Last but not least, check out Kitty HVLA, I don't know ROM of cats, but this looks like end range in rotation! Maybe she should use more components!

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