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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Thinking Physical Therapy, Forward Thinking PT, and Sue Croft.

New PT Blog alert! Adam Rufa, a fellow New Yorker and PT has started a blog. We first contacted regarding Dr. Rocabado and his decidely pathoanatomical approach to TMD. He wrote a great modern mechanism approach to regional interdependence. Check it out here! This was recently demonstrated in the latest JOSPT in short term outcomes/effects of cervical thrust + ex and cervical plus thoracic thrust + ex. The group that received cervical and thoracic thrust had improved outcomes.

Sue Croft is a Women's Health Physio who recently posted about Levator Avulsion. This is a injury  I wouldn't have thought of (mainly because I would refer out to an appropriate PT specialist in my area).

Yet another bill to limit PTs from performing manipulation. Good luck California! Joe Brence writes the Chiropractic Bill 381 appears "subluxed" and may need an "adjustment." Good one Joe! Even if we own the terms neurophysiologic manipulation/mobilization, I do not think it would help us legislatively since they are limiting our performance of the techniques themselves, not the mechanisms behind how they work.

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