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OMPT Channel Updates

For those of you who like my vids, I have to plug The OMPT Channel. It has all of the vids I have on my youtube channel/blog, plus hours more.
Any technique I teach in an Eclectic Approach course, plus assessments and some full treatments as well. The most recent updates are

The Eclectic Approach to Thoracic Mobility under OMPT Eclectics, EDGE Mobility Band for Median Neurodynamics under the EDGE Mobility System

Dr. Steven Capobianco teaches taping for median neurodynamics and taping for diaphragmatic breathing, under OMPT Eclectics

Mobilization with Movement for Subcranial Shear Distraction (taught to family/friends for HEP) under the Spinal and Extremity Manipulation Channel

Mobilization with Movement for Flexion in Standing under FR and MWM Channel, MWM SIJ for REIL, Sacral Spring, and SI Hip Swings all under Spinal Manip Channel

Cervical Counter Rotation Technique for Acute Cervical Lock

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